One on One Soccer

One on One Soccer


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One on One Soccer is an online soccer arcade game that is different from any other game in it's genre. Instead of playing with teams, you'll get to control a single player, in a girl vs boy soccer battle! The object of the game is to outscore your opponent before the clock runs out. To move your player you simply drag the mouse in the direction you'd like your player to move. When you want to kick the ball click the left mouse button. You can also stop the ball by holding the left mouse button. To kick the ball in a certain direction, point your mouse in the desired direction while you kick.

There are many boosting icons in One on One Soccer that you can take advantage of. To activate a wall target you must hit it with the ball. These wall target boosters can be seen on the walls of the playing field, and are represented in different colors. The Red icon is the fast ball, and it will make the ball speed up. The yellow icon will cause the ball to slow down, and the Green ball will cause the ball to go through one wall and out the other!

In One on One Soccer the blue icon will make your opponent's goal grow, making it easier for you to score. While the orange icon makes your goal shrink, making it difficult for your opponent to score. Last but not least the white icon will give you a goalie for a short period of time, and your opponent will not be able to score at all during this time period! These performance boosters make this one of the most unique online soccer games around! is proud to present One on One Soccer. Sorted into our category of Soccer Games, this sport game has been played 76,107 times.