Freaky Football

Freaky Football


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Freaky Football is an unconventional online football game because your main goal is to retrieve beans instead of scoring touchdowns. All the while you chase the beans your opponent will be breathing down your neck and you'll have to avoid being blown up by bombs scattered on the playing field. Each time you eat a can of beans your player will spring to life and glow read, but be careful because too much excitement will let your opponent tackle you, sending you right back to the drawing boards.

Freaky Football gives you all of the information you need in the top part of the game screen. You'll want to keep your eye on the energy bar at the top center of your screen. As the energy bar gets lower your player will get slower. The key to boosting your energy is getting the beans. The more beans you get the closer you get to advancing to the next level. Once the level is completed you'll need to get to the blinking field goal post to advance. If you get tackled before this happens you'll lose your chance! Make sure you keep an eye on the number of lives you have at all times.

Every level of Freaky Football becomes increasingly difficult as the game progresses. With each level more opponents are introduced, and they are faster and smarter. There are also more bombs dropped on each level. However, you can use these bombs to your advantage because you can make your opponents run into them as well. When this happens your opponents fall down and are immobilized, giving you the opportunity to collect a lot of beans. At the end of the game your score is calculated and you have the option of replaying the game to beat your won high score. This online football arcade game offers the ultimate challenge because you have to outdo yourself with every attempt! is proud to present Freaky Football. Sorted into our category of Football Games, this sport game has been played 54,704 times.