Pinch Hitter 2

Pinch Hitter 2


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Pinch Hitter 2 is one of the most challenging online arcade baseball games around. It is also one of the most customizable. Before the game you'll have the opportunity to choose the color of your pants, shorts, shirt, and hat. You'll also have the ability to enter your real name as the player name, and you can choose a team as well. Unlike many other baseball games, the object of this game is not to score runs. Instead you must complete individual challenges and score points to reach the final level. Each task is very challenging, so the game does not bore you easily.

The levels of Pinch Hitter 2 are categorized into three stages: Sandlot, Little League, and Major League. Your rank is shown in the top left corner of the task screen, which is shown between tasks. Each level is locked until you complete the level before it. To enter a task, click the red and yellow arrow next to the task initiative. During the task your score is shown in different places, depending on the stage you are at. For example, in the Sandlot the score is shown on the chalkboard on the brick wall directly in the center of the playing field. If you can't remember how many balls have passed, you can also find this information below the score on the chalkboard.

To hit the ball simply use your mouse to guide the small white box to the desired area. This small white box is your bat's aim. When the ball approaches click the left mouse button to swing. You can aim which direction you'd like to hit the ball by using this aiming box. To score extra points in Pinch Hitter 2 you can aim towards the small bonus symbols that are scattered on the field throughout the game. The more point s you earn, the faster you'll advance to the major leagues in this online baseball arcade game. is proud to present Pinch Hitter 2. Sorted into our category of Sports Games, this sport game has been played 8,734 times.