The Champions 07

The Champions 07


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The Champions 07 is a football game that embodies the entire game of soccer. Players have the chance to play a full length soccer game that is condensed into a minute and a half mini game. The game's menu contains three option; Start Game, High Scores, and Instructions. An off-tempo beat keeps the energy level high before the game. Once you click on Start Game, you'll be greeted with a screen that gives you the option of choosing between two soccer clubs; Liverpool or Milan (the two best teams of 2007).

The Champions 07 gameplay begins with a countdown to kick off, followed by a whistle to signify the beginning of the match. The camera angle is centered above the field to give you an optimal view of all players. To move your player, simply use the directional pad on your keyboard. When the ball is passed to another player, the computer automatically switches control to the player with nearest ball. You can press S to enable/disable the sound, and M to disable/enable the music.

To shoot the ball press C, but note that it is better to shoot from a distance for an increased chance at scoring. At any point in the game you can press Q to quit and access the main menu. A certain amount of points is given to the scoring team when a goal is scored, and the scorer's name is shown, along with the total score. If you'd like to check the score, it can be seen in the bottom right corner at any time during the match. After each goal a replay is shown, however you can skip this replay by pressing X. The Champions 07 does a good job of depicting the soccer experience, and stats are even displayed at half time in the same manner as a real soccer telecast. is proud to present The Champions 07. Sorted into our category of Soccer Games, this sport game has been played 361,483 times.