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Baseball Team


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Baseball Team is by the far the best baseball mini game on the internet. The game covers both the defensive and offensive aspect of the sport, allowing you to play the positions of both the pitcher and the hitter. The graphics are particularly impressive, especially considering the compact nature of the game. The players have very flexible movements and you can hear the noise of the crowd in the background. All of this adds to the games' nostalgia and contributes to a genuinely authentic experience.

Baseball Team does a good job of displaying all of the info you would see in a real baseball telecast, at the top of the screen. There you can see a scoreboard displaying a wide variety of statistics. The inning number is displayed in the top right corner, and directly to the right is the strikes/balls/outs count. To control the pitcher simply choose which are of the plate you would like to aim at by highlighting the area with your mouse. You can choose a specific are by using the segmented box that is located above the plate. Once you've chosen the area you can pitch the ball at a certain speed by using the power meter in the bottom right of the game screen.

To control the batter all you need to do is wait for the pitcher to throw the ball and then click the area of the segmented box that you believe the ball will go towards. You can also add spin to the swing by dragging the mouse down after you have clicked the desired area. If you add swing to the spin, then make sure you let go of the mouse in time, otherwise you will get a strike. If you are a batter in real life the you will have a lot of fun with Baseball Team because you have the ability to choose where you would like the ball to go based on the area of the ball the bat makes contact with. is proud to present Baseball Team. Sorted into our category of Sports Games, this sport game has been played 5,729 times.