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Superstar Golf


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Mousebreaker's Superstar Golf is an online golf game that let's you compete against your own high score or beat the high scores of others. The game is more of an animated feature, in that the characters depict cartoons instead of real players. However you get to choose your character at the beginning of the game. The character choices are Princess, Claws, Jaws, The Brit, and Scotty. Each character has their own set of strengths that are shown above the player's name. The two strength categories are; power and accuracy.

Once you've chosen your character, a detailed description of the hole you are about to play is shown. The map displays the obstacles on the course and the info at the bottom of the game screen shows the start position of the game. Once you've reviewed this information and have devised a strategy, you can press play to proceed. In the Superstar Golf game screen you'll see your player to the left and the club selection directly below him. Based on your situation you can choose a club that would best suit your needs. To hit the ball, hold the space bar and watch the power meter and the top. When the power meter reaches a desirable level let go of it and immediately watch the snap bar below it. The snap bar will let you control which angle the ball is hit towards.

You can also view the course form an overhead view in the bottom right corner of the game screen, and you can check the scorecard at the very bottom of the screen. At the very bottom left corner you'll see what part of the field you're in, so this will help you decide what kind of club you should select. In the top left corner you can see the direction and strength of the wind, which will help you adjust your snap direction. When you get close to the pin, Superstar Golf will show you how far you are from the pin, directly below the snap bar. All of these features make Superstar Golf the best online arcade golf game around. is proud to present Superstar Golf. Sorted into our category of Sports Games, this sport game has been played 7,251 times.