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Soccer Stars is the ultimate flash game for every football enthusiast! In the beginning of the game you get to choose which team you want to play for, and you can choose between six different teams. You play against the computer, which randomly selects a team. The game is probably not for someone who takes football a hundred percent seriously, as Soccer Stars is a mix between cartoon graphics and violent, non-fair, hardcore football, where ugly tackling is a huge part of the game and no red cards are given! There are even special tricks that come every now and then, and they all make your score go up!

When you play Soccer Stars against the computer you will be tackled a lot, however you can do the same back as there are no consequences even if you break someone's leg.

The graphic and physic engine of Soccer Stars are both fairly good, and are quite advanced however yet simple. The other team's players will constantly chase you if you have the ball, so you just have to run and hope that you're faster than them! Whenever you hit the goal you might want to turn down your speakers a bit as the volume on the cheering crowd goes way up and makes scoring an unpleasant surprise! Whenever the match is finished you can submit the score to a high score list, so you better try your best to win the match!

Quick tip; the blue team got ninjas! is proud to present Soccer Stars. Sorted into our category of Soccer Games, this sport game has been played 393,256 times.