Soccer World Cup 2010

Soccer World Cup 2010


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Soccer World Cup 2010 is a great soccer game that is as challenging to win as it is easy to play. The controls are straightforward: arrows control which way you run; and there's a button each for "pass the ball to my nearest teammate/switch the defender I'm controlling to the one nearest the ball", "shoot the ball toward the goal/slide tackle the opponent in front of me", and "kick the ball as hard as I can in the direction I'm facing". Press the button down longer, and the ball gets kicked harder.

Really, what more does a soccer game need? The artificial intelligence of Soccer World Cup 2010 game is smart, and tends goal well, but isn't that great at the offence, so you can expect to end most games in draws at 0-0 unless you get lucky and get a good shot in. The game assigns groups to the competing teams and has a bracketed tournament much like the real World Cup, and the players are animated in a fairly accurate style, so the Brazilian team wears green and has brownish skin, etc.

Slide-tackle one player of Soccer World Cup 2010 game too often in a short time span (especially if he doesn't have the ball), and you'll give his team a penalty kick. Boot the ball off the court, and the other team gets a throw-in. The rules of soccer are pretty strictly adhered to. And the court is gigantic! It's a good thing, because it encourages more realistic soccer-like tactics like defenders giving the ball a giant boot and letting the forwards pick it up to score. is proud to present Soccer World Cup 2010. Sorted into our category of Soccer Games, this sport game has been played 631,492 times.