A Game of 3 Halves

A Game of 3 Halves


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The Game of 3 Halves is a funny, short, and ultimately entertaining game about rugby. Rather than give you an entire game to play, the Game of 3 Halves takes it straight to the only really important moment: your team is down by just a few points, and if you can run the ball all the way down the field without getting tackled by the other team, a random sheep, or a rather eye-catching female streaker, you tie it up! Make the subsequent field goal, and you might even win the game!

Aim the mouse in the direction you want to run in. Click and hold to sprint, but you've only got a precious few seconds of sprint power in you. If an exclamation point pops up, you're about to get tackled so right click once to sidestep. If it's a red exclamation point, click once to stiffarm the fool in your path and keep running. Spacebar passes the ball to a teammate, but in A Game of 3 Halves every pass you perform takes 5 seconds off your clock.

Make it across the field of A Game of 3 Halves, and you get the chance to make a field goal, which is simple timing: click when the arrow is pointing between the goal posts, and you've beaten the game! It's really that short...but it will take you a while to get it right. There's a lot of trickery and strategy involved in getting to the opposite endzone. Pro Tip: sometimes running in a large circle can actually buy you some time as the enemy artificial intelligence tends to crowd the enemy players into a big bunch and they get in one another's ways.

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