Striker Run

Striker Run


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Striker Run is a fun, cartoonish game in which you play the lone striker on a soccer team that's been left in your dust. You must avoid the enemy players who are coming to tackle you, time your kick right, and score a goal. It's entirely a 2D side scroller, and your player controls the ball automatically. All you have to concentrate on is avoiding the opponents and kicking at the right moment.

Opponents can be discerned by their eyes: looking down? Press up to jump over as he slide tackles you. Looking up? Press down to roll under as he dives at your shoulders. Looking forward? Press back to sidestep as he tries to headbutt you in the chest. Get past a few (later lots) of them, and you'll be given the chance to kick. Kick when your indicator is in the green, and you make it; but be careful, because unlike many games, the indicator only travels one way; once you get past the green zone, you've missed your chance to score.

Alongside all of this is a fun opportunity to pick your player's team (and thus uniform colors, from the UK Premier League), skin color, and hairdo. Many famous British players' hairdos are available as choices, making replicating your favorite a pretty easy job.

All told, Striker Run is fun, easy on the eyes, and has a decent cool factor. It's absolutely worth a run through. is proud to present Striker Run. Sorted into our category of Soccer Games, this sport game has been played 121,485 times.