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Head Action Soccer


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Head Action Soccer is a cute and surprisingly deep little game that take most of that annoy kicking out of soccer and makes it all about the head shots. It's completely 2D from the side, so there's no out of bounds or missing a goal by going wide. The game mostly consists of learning how to control the ball and times your jumps so that you don't get it stolen by the competition.

The look of Head Action Soccer is pretty stylized and cartoonish, but in a cool way. The enemy teams all look like they should, with the Fire Heads being all copper topped and the Eskimos having lines instead of circular eyes. The gameplay starts looking fairly normal, but gets a little Dragon Ball Z as the game goes on.

That's because of the special stunts that you can unlock as you play. Each time you win, you get points equal to the amount you won by, and you can improve a player's basic stats (jumping, shot strength, and speed) or you can buy stunts. Stunts are things like bicycle kicks, which when used in the game have massive lightning effects that surround the point of impact. They also have a dramatic effect on your ability to beat the game, so it's highly encouraged to save up you points and buy stunts early on.

Head Action Soccer has league mode, championship mode, training, and versus options to keep you playing for quite some time and the back end skill gaining system to back it up.

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