Quarterback KO

Quarterback KO


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Quarterback KO is a cartoonish game whose simple looking graphics and relatively basic controls cover up a very challenging game. It's something like football, but you only control the quarterback, you get points for completing passes (rather than making touchdowns or field goals), and you have no defensive line; just a short and undetermined period of time to make a pass before you get sacked out of nowhere.

The play is easy enough: hold your mouse down to watch a pair of crosshairs move outward (and back again if you wait too long). Release the mouse to throw the ball. If you miss, the enemy team gets points. If you hit an enemy player, the enemy team gets points. If you wait too long, you get sacked at the enemy team gets a lot of points. Meanwhile, your team gets points under exactly two circumstances: for successfully completing passes, and for doing so quickly. You do get more points for successfully completing a pass to your MVP (marked with a golden arrow over his head).

Quarterback KO game has several difficulty levels represented by various teams, starting with pink clad little ladies and working up to massive shouldered, demon eyed freaks of nature. It takes a lot of skill just to beat the first team, but once you get it down, it's not that hard to move on. The strategies remain the same, just the coverage gets better and the sacks come quicker.

All told Quarterback KO is pretty fun and pretty challenging. Perfect for a game of its size.

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