Free Kick Expert

Free Kick Expert


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Free Kick Expert is a simple looking and quick playing game with a surprising amount of physics involved in it's play. You're given a soccer goal, a soccer ball, a bonus panel within the goal, and a ticking clock. You click on the ball, drag your mouse in a direction and a distance (essentially mapping out the direction and speed your foot is going to travel to hit the ball), and let go to give it a boot.

The first level of complexity comes with the addition of defenders who will jump (but not dive left or right) to stop the ball. As they start to arrive, they're fairly easy to avoid, but starting at level 4, they get annoying by blocking the Bonus panel, and in later levels, they can clog almost the entire goal.

Fortunately in Free Kick Expert you have advanced physics on your side, and you can direct the ball not just toward the goal, but low and slow or high and fast. Additionally (and crucially on the later levels), you can give the ball enough side spin that it will curve in the air and weave around the forward defenders.

Hitting the bonus by spinning the ball around the defenders is the most important skill in the game Free Kick Expert, so practice early and often. The most important act is deciding exactly where to first click on the ball: once you've made that first click, you're committed. So choose carefully, and once you've chosen, kick fast. You're on a timer after all. is proud to present Free Kick Expert. Sorted into our category of Soccer Games, this sport game has been played 162,111 times.