Lateral Collateral 2

Lateral Collateral 2


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Lateral Collateral 2 is a wonderfully cartoonish American football game in which you play a line of runners that have to reach the end zone. Monstrous Blitz Bots randomly run toward your line and take specific players out of the running for a few moments. If the player with the ball gets taken out, you lose a life. If you lateral the ball and miss your intended recipient, you lose a life. Lose 3 lives, and the game is over.

As you continue to make touchdowns in Lateral Collateral 2 game, you play higher levels, with faster and more frequent Blitz Bots. Get much past Level 10, and the difficulty seems to reach a plateau, but it's plenty difficult.

You get extra points for every pass, so if you're playing for score, it's a good idea to be constantly passing the ball back and forth between players. You get more score for longer distance passes, but they take longer as well, so it seems like passing quickly back and forth between two adjacent players is the best way to rack up the score.

If your pass goes over the POW arrow (there's only one per level), you get one of several effects. In Lateral Collateral 2 sometimes the time stops and the Blitz Bots don't charge; sometimes you get to fly for several seconds or you toss a bunch of grenades out and blow up any Blitz Bots on the screen. There are several power-ups, but they almost all amount to the same thing: you get to clear about half the field without worrying about Blitz Bots. is proud to present Lateral Collateral 2. Sorted into our category of Football Games, this sport game has been played 47,309 times.