Ultimate Football

Ultimate Football


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Ultimate Football is a simple game in which you play a quarterback looking for a receiver. You don't have to worry about getting sacked or getting the touchdown, it's just all about getting the ball to your teammate. To that end, even if you succeed, the game keeps going, with more potential receivers running back and forth in front of you, interspersed with enemies waiting to steal the ball.

You gain points for each completed pass, and you gain more points for completing passes to more distant receivers. You are limited by two factors: there's a timer that keeps any game from running over 5 minutes (which means you're encouraged to complete passes quickly to get a high score), but there's also a 5 ball limit on missed passes (which means you're encouraged to make every shot count).

Ultimate Football is a game about timing and accuracy more than about having a deep and abiding knowledge of football or the ability to put together strong strategies for driving the ball down the field. It's quick, it's a little silly, but all told it's good for a few dozen plays through.

ProTip: You actually lose 25 points for an interception, no matter what distance it's at, but it doesn't count toward your total of missed passes, so taking a potshot at a distance teammate that's flanked by a few opponents can be worth it.

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