Rooney on the Rampage

Rooney on the Rampage


Soccer Games

Rooney is an obsessed soccer fan that is very angry about the outcome of a recent soccer game. To aid his team he comes up with the idea to become a soccer player so he can do dirty deeds on the field for the team he is so passionate about. This is the story reflected in the game's intro which gives you the background behind the game. The object of Rooney on the Rampage is to defeat as many opponents as you can through brute force.

Throughout Rooney on the Rampage Rooney is directed to attack the opponents with a variety of moves. The first level requires you to headbutt your opponents out of the way. You press the spacebar to headbutt, but make sure you headbutt at the right moment in time. Too late or too soon could spell disaster! With each headbutt Rooney builds up more speed, making the timing of each headbutt more difficult. After you've finished the headbutt challenge you'll be asked to jump at a certain time. Pay attention to the meter in the bottom right corner. If you can jump when the meter is at it's highest point then you'll be able to knock the opposing team over and continue with the challenge.

The rest of the game proceeds in this manner until you've reached the end and then a score is calculated. As with the rest of our arcade football games you'll be able to record your high score and compete with others to become the best. The key to being successful at Rooney on the Rampage is to focus on timing. If you can press the spacebar at the right moment in time you'll be very good at this arcade soccer game. is proud to present Rooney on the Rampage. Sorted into our category of Soccer Games, this sport game has been played 110,501 times.