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Soccer Ball is an addictive football game developed by The game is fun for people of all ages because of it's simple yet challenging nature. The player has the option of choosing from a variety of popular countries including Argentine, Brazil, England, Italy, Germany, France, Ukraine, Spain, Sweden, Japan, USA and Portugal. Therefore people all around the world can choose the favorite team with ease.

The object of the game is to outscore the opposing team, which is randomly selected by the computer. To win Soccer Ball you'll need precise timing to click on the aiming meters at the right point in time. There are three aiming meters located on the bottom right side of the screen allowing you to adjust direction, swing and speed. The red arrow shows which meter you need to adjust at the moment. When you see the meter reach a desired point you can click the meter to choose the desired aim. Once you've selected you aim for each meter, the red arrow will move to the next arrow, letting you adjust all three quickly and efficiently.

Soccer Ball gives you five chances to score in each match, however if you can manage to score 3 goals in a row, then you'll receive a bonus ball. In the semi finals there are three matches, and the opposing team is given a handicap of 2 goals. You must score three goals to win and advance to the quarter finals. In the quarter finals a handicap of 3 goals is given to the opposing team, and you must score 4 goals out of 5 chances to advance to the finals. The game adds realism by producing the sound of a roaring crowd throughout the gaming experience. At the end of Soccer Ball players have the ability to record their high scores, which can be viewed later via the high scores menu located in the main menu. is proud to present Soccer Ball. Sorted into our category of Soccer Games, this sport game has been played 423,093 times.