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Magic Soccer


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Magic Soccer is an online arcade soccer game that focuses on the offensive aspect of soccer. In this game you'll need superb coordination and timing to avoid your opponents as they track to stop you from gathering power bonuses. The game quality can be adjusted at the end of each round by choosing; high, medium or low from the upper right corner of the game screen. If you're using a slower computer then it is recommended that you select the low quality setting to make the game run smoother on your machine.

The control scheme is fairly simple, as the only thing you'll need to use is the directional pad, to move the player up and down, forward and back. To get the highest score in Magic Soccer you'll need to last the longest. The best way to avoid your opponents is to fall back as far as you can by holding the left arrow key. This way you'll be able to see them in advance. Then when the opponent appears on the screen, take note of the direction they are moving in. If they are going down then try to move up etc etc.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the power bonuses that appear randomly on the playing field. These power bonuses will give a tremendous boost to your overall score, so you should try to get them whenever possible. Remember that the longer you last, the higher your score, so if the power boost is unobtainable, then don't take the risk of going for it. Magic Soccer is a game in which you compete with yourself, therefore it focuses on self improvement and bettering your hand-eye coordination and timing skills. This makes it a true old fashioned arcade soccer game. is proud to present Magic Soccer. Sorted into our category of Soccer Games, this sport game has been played 56,196 times.