Speed Back

Speed Back


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Speed Back is an arcade football game that is centered around the offensive aspect of the game. In this game your goal is to play the role of a running back and get to the end zone without being tackled by your opponents. For every run you get three tries to make it to the end zone, but if you can manage to score three touchdowns then you can earn an extra try. The tries are represented by small footballs in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Each time you are tackled a football will disappear, signifying the loss of one of your tries.

The player is controlled with the directional pad on your computer's keyboard. One of the most interesting features of the Speed Back game is that you can stiff arm an opponent to keep them from tackling you by pressing the A key. You can also use a spin move to avoid the tackle by pressing the S key on your keyboard. Keep in mind that you can only use the spin move and stiff arm once every possession. The lightning bolt symbols scattered on the field represent speed boosts. When you run into one of these symbols your player will start running very fast, giving you an advantage over the opposing team.

Speed Back is a very fun and addicting game because it resembles the real experience of playing football as a running back. Opponents swarm in from all angles as you rush to the end zone trying to avoid being captured. The game requires skill, strategy and timing to devise the right route and then execute accordingly. AT the end of each play you're awarded a certain amount of points, similar to many other arcade football game.

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