Quarterback Carnage

Quarterback Carnage


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Quarterback Carnage is one of the most unique arcade football games online. In this game you control the quarterback, as you try to prevent defenders from tackling you. Instead of throwing the ball at your teammates, you're primarily going to be throwing the ball at your opponents! As the defenders rush at you have to aim at them using the small red circle. This circle represents the path of the football. To move the red circle, use your mouse and point in the desired direction. Click the left mouse button to throw the ball.

Occasionally a wide receiver will appear, and you'll be able to tell the difference because they'll be dressed in red. If you can manage to throw the ball at one of these wide receivers then you'll earn bonus points. If you can hit 10 defender sin a row then you'll earn a bonus power that will make you faster and better. When you begin the game there are two options to choose from- Normal and Unlimited. In Normal mode the opponents will charge at you one at a time and there will be less. In unlimited mode they will come from all angles and there will be more. After playing Quarterback Carnage on normal mode for a while you may want to switch to unlimited mode to increase the challenge of this online football game.

At the end of each round of Quarterback Carnage you'll be able to enter your nickname and register your high score. If you don't yet have a nick name then you can register for one by clicking the link below the nickname field. From there you can either go to the main menu, or you can play another one of our online football games.

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