The Big Hit

The Big Hit


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The Big Hit is an American football arcade game that focuses on the defensive aspect of the game. The object of the game is to tackle the opponents as quick as possible, before they reach your end zone. The faster you tackle the opponents, the higher your score will be. Throughout the 6 levels of gameplay you'll go from a boot polisher to a legend of league, if you're good enough! With each level you get to use a new defensive player, who's skill level will be higher. However, the opponents also become increasingly skilled with each new round.

The Big Hit lets you choose between 15 popular teams, and you'll also get to choose the opponent's team as well. Once you've selected your team you'll be brought to the game screen. Your score can be seen at the bottom left corner throughout the game, and any time you need to access the instructions, they can be found in the center of the game screen at the bottom. Pay close attention to the level number and the amount of lives you have at the bottom right corner of the game screen. Before you begin play, take a moment to read the player card's for each tackle. The player cards add authenticity and realism to online arcade football games.

The game begins as soon as you press the play button. To control your player, point your mouse in the direction you would like to run. The player with the green circle around them has the ball, but be careful, because he will almost always pass it to another player! To tackle a player, click the left mouse button. You can increase the power of your hit by holding the mouse button for a longer period of time and then releasing. If you're successful in tackling the opponent an amusing animation will be played and a certain amount of points will be awarded, depending on how long it took you to tackle them. The best way to get the most points is to act quick and deliver The Big Hit! is proud to present The Big Hit. Sorted into our category of Football Games, this sport game has been played 63,724 times.