Super Bowl Defender

Super Bowl Defender


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Super Bowl Defender is a defensive based American football game that focuses on the aspect of tackling your opponent. You play the role of a defensive back, with the job of tackling the running back that is trying to score a touchdown against you. Every tackle you make successfully, earns you points. However every touchdown that is scored against you will cause you to lose points. One of the funnest parts of the game is that you can use these credits to buy items at the Super Bowl Defender shop and bar. All of the items you buy will enhance your virtual players attributes. For example, you can buy shoes to increase speed, and energy drinks to enhance stamina.

Super Bowl Defender is a football arcade game that is very easy to learn, yet difficult to stop playing. When the game begins you'll be greeted with the Get Ready screen. From there you can press the up arrow on your keyboard's directional pad to begin the game, or you can click on the Visit Shop For Upgrades button to buy the performance enhancing upgrades mentioned earlier.

When the Super Bowl Defender gameplay begins you'll be facing the running back. In an unexpected turn of events the running back will turn away from you and begin running towards the opposite end zone. You must go after him and tackle him before he gets there, otherwise your score will be penalized. To move your player use the A, S,D, and F keys on your keyboard. When you get close to the running back you can tackle him by pressing the Z key or the SPACE BAR on your keyboard. After the play is completed you can try again by pressing the down key on your keyboard. Super Bowl Defender easy repeat gameplay makes it a very fun football arcade game. is proud to present Super Bowl Defender. Sorted into our category of Football Games, this sport game has been played 175,268 times.