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Football Madness


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Football Madness is a very simple yet addictive arcade football game. The game focuses on the running aspect of American Football. The menu of the game is very simple with only one main option; Start. Upon clicking Start, you'll be presented with the option of choosing one of two characters; Rick or Joe. After you've made this selection you'll see your player, facing his opponent; Mangles. This is the last screen you'll see before the arcade football game begins.

Once the game begins you'll see your player standing at the 20 yard line below the football games logo (a football with stars on it). The goal of the game is to score as many field goals as you can within a minute and a half. However, before you can kick the field goal you have to elude Mangle and his teammate. These two opponents are represented by small white dots, located inside of the box in the bottom right corner of the game screen. You player is represented by the yellow dot. Use this box to foresee the route of your opponent and make the necessary adjustments. The score is also shown in the bottom right side of the screen above this box.

It can be kind of difficult to figure out how to score field goal in Football Madness without the right guidance. It can also be challenging to elude the two opponents without the space bar. If you press the Space bar right before your opponent tries to tackle you, then you can knock them over and keep going. Once you reach the five yard line your player will stop and put the ball down. At this point you have to kick the field goal by holding the Space bar button until the power meter is full. If your player is not far enough from the opponents, then he will be tackle before the field goal can be kicked. The field goal will also be unsuccessful if your player is not in the center of the field when the field goal is kicked. is proud to present Football Madness. Sorted into our category of Football Games, this sport game has been played 297,237 times.