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Free Kick Fusion is a soccer game that gives players the ability to practice their timing and accuracy by executing free kicks. Free Kick Fusion has multi-player capabilities, so you can play with friends at home or online if you'd like. Playing this game in multi-player mode is the best way to do it, because it is more of a challenge when you're trying to beat someone's score. As in real life, you'll have to get the ball past a goalie and a man standing in front of the goalie. When a goal is scored the crowd cheers briefly and points are allotted depending on the type of goal you score.

The bar on the right side shows you how much time is left in the round. You're goal is to score as many goals as possible before the bar reaches the bottom. To score a goal in Free Kick Fusion you'll need a combination of speed, accuracy, strategy and timing. The chain of soccer balls moving from left to right represent the ball's trajectory or route. When you click the mouse button the chain of balls will freeze, so remember to click the mouse button when it is pointing in the desired direction. When you let go of the mouse button the ball will be kicked, so be sure to hold the mouse button down.

After you've clicked the mouse button, the chain of balls will begin to light up red. When all of the balls are lit then the strongest kick is possible. If you let go of the mouse button when only one ball is lit, then the kick will be very weak. You can also choose the height and spin of the kick with the mouse. To raise the height of the kick drag the mouse down, to lower the height drag the mouse up. Spin can be added by dragging the mouse left or right, but make sure you're still holding the mouse button while doing this. Once you're satisfied with your adjustments let go of the mouse button and the ball will be kicked. Free Kick Fusion is by far the best free kick online soccer game around. is proud to present FreeKick Fusion. Sorted into our category of Soccer Games, this sport game has been played 147,212 times.